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Project Description

Define a model of deployment and management for Middleware and enterprise applications . The goal of this project is to give a “Framework” to :

  • Organize a Middleware team
  • Have a executable model of platform deployment
  • Create a common interface to manage middleware platform in the same trail
  • Maybe sell dedicated interface which could be used by the common interface

Team organization

One important thing is to have a well organized team which work with the same goals, with the same models and with clear roles and responsibilities.


Platform Model

It seems that for all platform or product or middleware, we always have to do same things and discuss with same teams. But as we are often alone with his product, each person create a different deployment model. So to be able to manage a Middleware team, we have to define a generic model which could used by other members of the team to deploy / manage their product and ensure the same experience.


In a first step we have to define :

Define the global architecture of the Middleware


Common management interface

High Level View

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